Lily Pad Root Ripper and Remover

Lily Pad Root Ripper and Remover

So you’re wondering: How To Remove Lily Pads in a lake or a pond.

The Weeders Digest offers many tools to “manage” your lily pads. Our Lily Pad Ripper is a one-of-a-kind tool designed to REMOVE lily pads once and for all!

Simply connect the Lily Pad Ripper to boat by using your own rope*, tied to a 1.5″ by 6′ stabilizer pipe** that you supply. We also recommend that you add your own 36″, 2″ by 6″ board*** to create a depth limiter.
(The reason that we recommend that you supply these 3 items is so that you can reduce shipping costs. IF you are a local buyer and intend to stop by The Weeders Digest, you can certainly purchase a complete set up for an additional $55.)

Once you are all rigged up and ready to go lower the Lily Pad Ripper down to the bottom of the lake or pond and inch forward slowly until the rope becomes tight. Once the rope is tight, it is important to apply steady forward momentum until the Ripper rips through the root and continue on in a straight line popping each root as you move forward.
Next return to the beginning spot and move over 7′ to begin the next ripping path and complete the same ripping motion as in the previous step.
Once you have completed 2 parallel rips, you will see the pads in their entirety, i.e.; pads stems and roots, pop to the surface for easy removal with one of our floating rakes. Remember, thorough clean up is the responsible way to manage your waterfront.

If for example, your goal was to complete a 15′ wide path to open water ( allowed in the state of Minnesota) you would now add an additional ripping path (total of 3).

*There is a lot of stress and strain on the rope. If you use an old rope that you already have on hand, be certain to Inspect it for cuts or frays.
**The 6 foot length is not a critical length but our tests suggest that this is the optimum.
***The Limiter Board does not have to be to our exact specs but is recommended.

PS: Have you ever seen what a lily pad root looks like? Most people do not know how massive the root system is. Typically a root is connected like a spider web throughout the muck and sediment and these roots are often times from 2″ to 6″ in thickness. If you have ever tried to remove a lily pad root you know that this is nearly impossible – UNTIL NOW!
our new Pad Ripper requires a boat or winch or four wheeler to pull it. There is no way to pull it by hand.

It removes pads by the roots (no other tool is available to do this).

If you would like to purchase the Lily Pad Root Removal Tool, just click HERE